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Robotics and automation is quickly permeating through many fields of work, as it makes a greater and greater presence within our society. We're currently seeing the development of self-driving cars, agriculture robots, medical robots, and even robots that help you around the house! And you have the opportunity to be a part of it all.

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Maritime RobotX Challenge

An international maritime robotics challenge hosting in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Maritime RobotX Challenge pits teams across the globe against each other in challenges. Watch us take to the seas to win this competition.


Hosted by the Queensland University of Technology, the Droid Racing Challenge is a competition where universities around Australia build their own self-driving droids that race around a track. Each droid incorporates computer vision that lets it avoid obstacles and drive around the course.


UAV Outback Challenge

In 2020, the USRC will be competing in the UAV Medical Rescue challenge. The objective of the challenge is to design, build and fly an autonomous, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to an injured individual located remote farmland.

Robotic Art Competition

The Robotic Art Competition 2018 was the first we took part in. It entailed a robot which was able to physically paint any image it was given. Watch our robot paint three different masterpieces.

NI Autonomous Robotics Competition

Hosted by National Instruments Corporation since 2011, the competition challenges students to design and build robots to autonomously perform a series of tasks such as navigating an obstacle course and interact with specified objects.

VIVID Sydney

Learn about how our team is developing three ideas for application in the 2020 VIVID Sydney Light, Music and Ideas festival.



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