VIVID is an event hosted in Sydney over several weeks displaying a range of light-works, music and new ideas. Included in the festival are projects from a range of teams which display visual or interactive artworks filled with creativity and wonder.

Our team has floated several ideas, three of which are being developed for application in the 2020 VIVID festival.


GloBlocKz is an interactive attraction which seamlessly combines the delights of technicoloured light with creative play. It consists of giant plastic bricks that glow with colour when stacked on top of each other. We envision a total of 200 GloBlocKz in two dfferent sizes: a 0.2m x 0.2m and a 0.2m x 0.4m block.

Our team is currently working to develop the idea for practical application to be displayed at VIVID Sydney 2020.


Interactive Light Table

This design features a table covered by an LED screen with light sensors. When you place anything such as a cup of coffee or your hand on the table, the colour of the LEDs around the item will changed; and when it is removed, the light will return to white. The objective is for the light to surround the item in the contour of the object itself. Additionally, a controller can be used to set which colour you want based on different circumstances. 



Drawblocks is an interactive mural comprised of a wall of glass blocks, each fitted with a lighting module which illuminates the block. Users can configure different colours with the tablet to the block matrix to create a drawing of their choice.



Antigravity defies nature by simulation rain lifting from the ground into the sky. By using precise water droppers and a strobe light, we create the illusion of rain rising up while display a beautiful spectacle of light.